Cutest Baby

I signed her up for a cutest baby contest that was held today at Punggol CC. This contest only need us to submit one of her photograph. But too bad, she wasn’t even listed in the top ten. She was not in a very good mood when we were there. Probably the speakers were too loud, and she kept crying. So we went home. The moment she was in the car seat, she smiled. Oh man. Mood swing.

Reached home and put her in her bed nest, she kicked, giggled and smile so happily at me. I guess nobody will have a chance to see this side of her except us. Couldn’t help but feel she is just so adorable!

Even though we didn’t won the contest, but I believe to all the parents out there, our babies are the cutest in our heart.

I can slowly see her face is not as puffy as before. Will I be seeing the old her very soon? Will she start to recognize me as her mummy?


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