My little Angel

As we were leaving KKH yesterday noon, carrying the sleepy Hazel in my arms, I felt a sudden warmth rushed through my body. I truly felt what’s it like to be blessed and lucky, still able to carry my baby, sleeping and feeling secure in my arms.

As I was washing her milk bottle after we reached home, it brought me back to the night when I was washing her milk bottle after she was admitted to ICU, I was all teary then. I wished she would wake up and drink milk, and let me continue to wash her bottles no matter how tired am I. But yesterday, I was smiling. My darling is right beside me, drinking milk happily, playing and talking non stop everyday.

As I was typing this, tears still welled up, but they are tears of joy.

Every progression she made, every milestone she hit, I was overjoyed. When did my life ever felt “overjoyed”? Never. Until now.

The follow-up yesterday was pretty good. We are aiming to stop her steriods in a month’s time. Her puffiness will slowly fade. Her eyes are showing improvements too! She is starting to track toys, though she still doesn’t know how to bring her hands forward to grab the toys, that’s good enough for now. 🙂

Hazel is blessed in her own ways. On and off, there are mystery gifts sent to her. These kind souls, never wanting to admit who they are, I wanna say a really big THANK YOU. I really really appreciate all the mummies and friends who had offered to help us in their own ways. And the care and concerns from so many people are countless. I’ve gained so many friends. Everywhere I go, be it waiting for the lift or sitting down in a mall to rest my legs, the person beside me will surely chat up with me when they saw Hazel. To them, she’s so cute! To the point my hubby was commenting, why am I always talking to strangers. haha!

This is the mess she created everytime she wakes up. 🙂


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