When I first started this blog, I told myself I wanna update more. The things I’m doing with my little one, take lots of pictures of her, write every little thing that is happening on her. In the end, this ended up an abandoned blog.

During this tough period, I have gained alot of support and encouragements from a group of mummies. We’ve never met, never really had a real conversation, I have never attended their lunch outings, yet the support from them is tremendous. Many a time, I was taken aback by them. Truly, action speaks louder than words. Not only did they gave me encouragements through words, they did it by actions too. I feel that I needed an outlet to write about how thankful I am for all the things they’ve done for me, so I came back to this blog.

Back in November, their words of encourgement kept me going each day. They showed care and concern through words, and that’s what made me strong each day to face the ordeal. They prayed for her and teared with me.

I still remember a mummy bought Hazel an Elmo Balloon. It definitely brighten up the dull bed. I too remembered a mummy who dropped by to see us because her baby was also hospitalised. I feel for her, as I totally understand how it feels to see our own babies sick and lying in hospital. A friend passed me 2 Buddhism books, which helped me alot and stopped me from thinking negative.

When Hazel was able to discharge, I shared my joy with them.

Christmas came. I got a shock when so many mummies sent presents to Hazel. Whenever a parcel arrived, it brought tears to my eyes when I read the note. I felt that Hazel was so blessed, loved by so many people.

Good things doesn’t last long.

Hazel was once again hospitalized 2 weeks ago. And again, I wrote on FB how depressed and sad I was.

This time round, so many of them dropped by to visit Hazel and me. Not only they gave me words of encouragement, they personally came down to see her, talked to me and accompanied me. Even though it isn’t long, but it was so enough for me. They bought so many things for us too!

First of all, thank you to those mummies that gave tokens to Hazel, for us to buy her some toys and books. All these money are saved up in her bank account for her future use when she’s older.

Thank you mummy who gave us the NTUC vouchers. We are able to buy diaper and milk powder with that. Great help!

Thank you mummy who gave Hazel a bib and a taggy blanket. Helped us to stimulate her.

Thank you mummy who gave her the fleece blanket. Gave her warmth during the night.

Thank you mummy who gave her a teddy bear. An added best friend on her bed.

Thank you mummy who gave her the little shorts and Leapfrog toy. Good to teach her her first alphabets in future.

Thank you mummy who made the scrapbook of our little family and the rattles. It is really pretty and is now up on our wall. The rattles are yet opened as a kind mummy gave hers to us and another mummy gave her rattle socks.

Thank you mummies who also took care of us, the parents. Thank you for the apples, the cookies, the Brands chicken essence, the Gong Cha and Cheesecake. Really warms our heart.

Some of the mummies I have never met before, some I only met them the first time in hospital. But to me, they are more than just a friend. They have been there to walk with me through my darkest days. No matter how I rant, no matter how negative I was, they have never given up on me.

A simple Thank you just isn’t enough to express how I feel.

Only a mother will understand how a mother feels. Couldn’t agree more.


Hope I did not miss out any mummy who showered us with the love.


One thought on “Happiness

  1. Hi there! I remembered hearing bout little Hazel from a FB group I joined previously and was hoping she is alright. I just want to tell you to stay strong and you are doing a great job. Little Hazel is growing up beautifully!

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