Past 2 weeks was like a nightmare. Much has happened. And the last draw happened on Wednesday when hubby decided to shift out IMMEDIATELY.

I was still kinda cool about it, asking him whether is this an act of anger, does he wants to reconsider his decision blah blah blah. But he was quite sure that we should shift out, and I have nothing much to say. In the first place, I hated staying at his place.

Yesterday, I started to get the kick of the whole incident and got really mad with his sister. Who is she to put the blame on me? Who is she to accuse me saying I am lazy? What does she knows?? None of them in the family bothered to talk to us, even though they are unhappy with us about certain things. They pinpoint everything on me, asking their son dont listen to what i said? I dont remember psychoing their son into anything, nor did I make any ridiculous demands. But I was accused of all that.

The way his sister handled this situation was a BIG mistake. Not only did she compare her 2 dogs with my daughter, she chose to put all blame on me and didnt bother to talk to her brother first. Naive. So naive.

Basically, the whole family is living in their own lala world. May they live happily ever after with their 2 dogs.


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